Disqualification from camp 2020 may occur if campus rules are violated. The
rules will be distributed with these rules. Repeated infractions or any disrespectful
act(s) against any school personnel result in dismissal from camp 2020. Disqualification
from camp 2020 will also result if any member participates in any form of gangrelated
activity; either real or perceived by association.

It is imperative that members make all meetings, and stay the full amount of
time. It is impossible to have a superior group if practices are sporadic due to lack of
attendance. Missing a meeting will result in either a note or phone call. Members are only allowed to miss so many meetings
before being disqualified from camp 2020. Participation is important.

Dress is also important to a camp 2020 member. They shoul dress accordingly, and appropriate
to be in camp 2020.